Sunday, July 22, 2018

How many tables and/or chairs do you have?

How long may I use the venue?

What if I only need it for a few hours?

How many events do you hold the same day?

How early may I arrive the day of my event?

How early may I start setting up and decorating?

How many people can the Kay Ceniceros Cultural Arts Center accommodate?

How many people can the Pavilion accommodate?

Where are the restrooms located?

Why do I need security guards?

Why do I need insurance?

May I use my own insurance?

Do you provide linens?

Do you cater?

May I use my own caterer?

May I "tentatively" hold my date without a deposit, if so, for how long?

Do you have a list of vendors you prefer?

When do I have to pay the balance?

Do you accept payments?

When are you open for a tour of the property?

Do you offer a special discount on certain days?

How long in advance can I book?

What does the Coordinator help me with?

How long until I receive the refund after my event?

What would keep me from getting my refund?

How big is the fridge in the Cultural Arts Center?

When do we pick up our linens/rentals?